Work History

Currently at FHLBI (Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis), I was hired for my experience with CA’s SiteMinder as well as enterprise monitoring.  Upon starting, it was obvious that nobody liked the product, and ‘it’ was always to blame for any issues. Turns out the product was never properly configured. ~3 months in, the product is now extremely stable. I am spear-heading the project to upgrade the product to the most recent release, which should fix a lot of work-arounds I’ve had to engineer (such as Apache webserver bugs in older versions). I have received a number of compliments from many of my colleagues, been recognized by some of the executives/officers for improving multiple company intra/internet websites (which are proxied, and protected, by CA’s SiteMinder).  I am also the lead contact for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010.  I am updating I&O’s monitoring solution, Manage Engine’s Application Manager/Operations Manager, providing the monitoring I&O needs, while ensuring the business side’s top-level dashboards show the executives/officers the information they need.

Previously, at CNO Financial, I was the primary point of contact for CA’s Service Desk Manager v12.1 (formerly known as Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk), implementing customization for ‘external’ customers to suit their needs.  I upgraded the existing version of CA’s eHealth from r6.1 to r6.31, migrating it from Windows to Redhat Linux.  During my employment here, I helped bring a lot of changes to the ITAPPS team including, but not limited to; event correlation,  enhanced log monitoring, automated recovery for failed processes/services as well as automated execution of scripts upon detection of log file entries.  I was very fortunate to work with, and become the primary contact for, CA’s SiteMinder product, which is a tremendously complex product, but allows for some very groovy things!  Simply put, it enables ‘single sign-on’, using one login/password, such as from active directory or LDAP, and allows you to access any website/ application that supports a ‘single sign-on’ approach.

During my 7+ years at Sallie Mae (SLM), I was monitoring the enterprises servers (2800+) and network devices (800+), automating the processing of alerting the responsible personnel when service impacting, and potentially impacting events are detected, authorized configuration changes are made, and take actions when potential service availability levels are threatened.  Upon arriving at Sallie Mae, the monitoring solution was Unicenter TND/NSM, but it was recently phased out in favor of HP Openview's Operations Manager (OMW) and its suite of accompanying products, including, but not limited to; Performance Manager (real-time reporting), Performance Insight (long-term capacity reporting), Network Node Manager i-Series (Network monitoring) with Performance SPI for Metrics (network device threshold reporting), and HP Operations Orchestra (HPOO) consisting of Server/Network Automations Center (SAS/NAS, formerly known as Opsware. I've also had extensive experience working with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).  As with previous products, the gears are there, but they don't always fit the customers' needs, so it's my job to customize the products and ensure it monitors the customers environment as they need to ensure a smooth infrastructure operation.

While employed at InterNetwork Experts, a subsidiary of InterNetworking Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ ISEC), starting a new company/subsidiary called, NetSurant. I was the Lead Network Management Systems Administrator for the NetSurant NSC (Network Support Center) and our main focus was managing our clients’ IP Telephony environments using NetIQ’s Vivinet Manager, but we also provided network and server monitoring using Unicenter v3.0 -along with integrating many of Unicenters options, to include; Service Desk (USD) v5.5.1/v6.0 option, Advanced Network Option (ANO) v3.5, Service Level Management (SLM) Option, and Unicenter Performance (UPM) Option. However, Vivinet Manager and Unicenter do not have immediate cohesion abilities, I’d written programs designed to fully foster an elaborative, yet intuitive integration between to the products to provide a wonderful monitoring implementation.

Previously, at CUNA Mutual in Madison,WI, I was a Technical Services Analyst in the ITS ESM Monitoring team. The monitoring environment consisted of 18 separate servers dedicated to the operations of monitoring the environment to ensure maximum services to worldwide customers.  The logic we implemented to limit false alerts/notifications and increase functionality is extremely efficient and provides features/benefits to levels that almost all monitoring software packages can't even compare.  I planned and implemented the companies migration to Unicenter v3.0 providing a new level of stability to the environment while allowing the team to incorporate new services to our customers like advanced event correlation and centralized management.

While at Fiserv CBS Worldwide, I designed, built, and supported the complete implementation of Unicenter TNG, which consists of a multi-tiered, fault tolerant architecture. Some of the features I configured Unicenter to perform were: Automatically create/update help desk tickets within Unicenter Service Desk (AHD) and even create that asset/device if it did not already exist, Send email and/or text pages informing personnel of issues that arose, and sending audible and visual alerts to personnel on the help desk. 

I have over 18 years experience working with many enterprise monitoring solutions, including BMC, Unicenter, and Openview, in what most vendors have referred to as some of the most comprehensive implementations they’ve ever encountered (due to client requirements and contractual obligations), and in that time, I’ve gained intimate knowledge of how to get these products' abilities enabling complete customization to clients’ needs as well as improve the performance of the product for optimal configuration.  On many occasions, I have amazed the software vendors' technical support by accomplishing tasks they previously regarded as impossible, and their development teams are quite familiar with my name as I’ve tested many of the fixes for issues I’ve brought to their attention.  I have also contributed to the progress of these products, thru enhancement requests to development teams, providing forum support to other users. Many of which are now incorporated in their products.

Throughout my career with computers, I've repaired just about everything from hand-held palmtops to mainframe servers, including laptop notebooks, and laser printers.  Not only am I experienced with repairing and troubleshooting stand-alone workstations or single domain networks with servers incorporating intra-oral dental radiography integrations, but also complex worldwide WANs, wireless networks, and multi-client direct bank networks, including: American Express, Amicus, Marketplace Bank, Safeway Select Bank, MetLife, E-Prime, BMW, and Bankzip, just to name a few.

The scope of my server experience is mainly windows environments, but I am quickly learning Linux/Unix as well.  I have excellent analytical skills and excel at overcoming challenges.

If you have any questions about what benefits my experience and abilities can do for you and your company, please feel free to contact me by any means listed below.  For your convenience, the below contact information is also on my resume.


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Jul 13, 2003