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A team player with a strong work ethic looking to further his knowledge in computers and its technologies, and help set the performance standards for the industry within a company allowing for professional growth.



IT Professional with over 21 years’ experience with a diverse range of skills, having a proven record in the successful design, deployment, and support of enterprise monitoring solutions, incorporating fault-tolerant measures, as well as supporting and administration of Windows Active Directory environments with emphasis on fault-tolerance and security, as well as SQL DBA experience maintaining multiple databases.  Skilled in the advanced implementation, administration, and troubleshooting of multi-vender hosts and networks. Experienced with network component utilization/performance reporting, capacity planning, and network packet captures and corresponding analysis.  Excellent organizational, interpersonal, oral and written communications skills, emphasizing the team approach, and contributed towards many successful projects and accomplishments.



Aug. 2016-Present

Sr. Infrastructure Hosting Administrator, Insight Global and Assurant Miami, FL.

·    Experience with administration, troubleshoot/support and upgrade/migration of CA’s  SiteMinder/Single Sign-on (SSO), v6, r12.50, and r12.52, including SiteMinder policy servers, and SiteMinder webagents in large-scale IIS farms.

·    Administration/troubleshooting of Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Services) and application pools.

·    Experience with F5 load-balancers, VIPs, configuring pools and members.


May 2013-Jun. 2016

System Administrator III, Federal Home Loan Bank Indianapolis, IN.

·    Extensive experience with installation, configuration, administration, troubleshoot/support and upgrade/migration of CA’s  SiteMinder/Single Sign-on (SSO), v6, r12.50, and r12.52, for identity management to multiple trusted sites/applications across multiple locations, using secure proxy servers (SPS), Agent for SharePoint (SPA), and SiteMinder webagents.

·    Strong experience with Fiddler v2 ensuring HTML, authentication, SSL communications are solid and secure, but compatibility with multiple customers having different requirements.

·    Strong experience with installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting of Symantec/Veritas Netbackup Enterprise server v6.5-v7.7.1, including de-duplication appliances, media servers, multiple tape libraries, and vault management.

·    Strong experience with Solarwinds’ systems and network management components monitoring FHLBI enterprise, including, but not limited to; servers (physical/virtual), network devices/appliances, databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle),  Applications (IIS, OAS, Apache, Tomcat, Informix, LAS/MPP, LRA, Fiserv, Polypath, etc).

·    Strong experience with ManageEngine’s Application and Operations Managers, including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, upgrade/migration, and monitoring entire enterprise, including, but not limited to; servers (physical/virtual), network devices/appliances, databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle),  Applications (IIS, OAS, Apache, Tomcat, Informix, LAS/MPP, LRA, Fiserv, Polypath, etc).

·    Extensive experience with vSphere ESXi v5.5 and v6.0, vMotion, provisioning, and administration.

·    Experience with Apache/Tomcat installation/administration, and configuration including security, SSL certificates, and rules.

·    Experience with administration of Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Services), and configuring application pools.

·    Troubleshoot infrastructure/application issues using network diagnostic tools, i.e. Wireshark (OSI layers 4-7) and Port Query.

·    Write scripts (using PowerShell, AutoIt, VBS, WMI, Perl) automating tasks, implementations, and troubleshooting.

·    Experience administrating Redhat Linux 5.6 and 5.7.

·    Work with I&O teams implementing proper disaster recovery plans, testing, and DR drills.

·    Working knowledge of infrastructure automation software such as Puppet, Chef, Packer, and more.

·    Administration and support of SharePoint 2010.


Apr. 2012-Jan. 2013

Sr. Systems Analyst, Kelly Services and CNO Financial Carmel, IN.

·    Extensive experience with administration and troubleshooting of CA Spectrum, eHealth, Wily/APM (Application Performance Monitoring), Insight/DPM (Database Performance Monitoring), and CA Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk.

·    Configuration, administration, and support of CA SiteMinder (SSO/Single Sign-On), using SAML 1.x, SAML 2.0, providing federated integration allowing for one credential login across trusted sites/applications for multiple customers/locations.

·    Extensive experience customizing CA Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk providing customer/client-specific notifications.

·    Write scripts (shell, Perl, AutoIt) to automate administrative tasks, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery operations.

·    Extensive experience in configuration, administration, and troubleshooting CA System Edge (SysEdge) agents.

·    Experience with Fiddler (HTTP debug/proxy) ensuring proper SSL communications with multiple partners.

·    Translate customers’ project requirements/needs and provide available monitoring/authentication/authorization solutions.


Nov. 2004-Mar. 2012

ESM Technical Analyst II, Sallie Mae Fishers, IN.

·    Design, Implementation, administration, and support of network environment using HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) v8.x.

·    Extensive experience with HP Operations Manager (OMW/OMU) for enterprise monitoring consisting of 2800+ Windows/Linux/Unix/AIX/Mainframe servers.

·    Develop and customize monitoring scripts to meet customer needs, using Perl, WMI, VBS, shell-script, and WBEM.

·    Extensive experience with HP Performance Manager, Performance Insight and report packs.

·    Experience with HP Server/Network Automation Software (SA/NA, SAS/NAS, formerly Opsware Automation Suite).

·    Experience with HP Operations Orchestrator (HPOO), providing customers with self-managed guided resolution tasks.

·    Develop and implement self-monitoring/resolving logic into HP Openview installation for increased reliable monitoring.

·    Conversion of monitoring from CA-Unicenter NSM to HP Openview Operations Manager.

·    Extensive experience with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

·    Support existing implementation of CA-Unicenter Enterprise management software (NSM, ANO/CA Spectrum/eHealth, Portal) consisting of at least 18 servers in a highly distributed environment, utilizing fault-tolerant fail-over backup methodology.

·    Extensive experience with event correlation management using allowing for complex correlation schemas to be possible.

·    Extensive experience using agent technologies to include callbacks, log agent pattern-text files, and more.

·    Instruct and assist existing personnel in the upgrade/implementation and administration of CA Service Desk Manager to v6.0, and r11, and provide support to enable product auto-notification, auto-assignment of group and assignee upon request creation.

·    Implement ITIL-compliancy within CA Service Desk Manager and instruct personnel on proper ITIL procedures.

·    Incorporate self-monitoring and self-resolving logic into existing Unicenter NSM installation to ensure improved monitoring.

·    Using monitoring tools to track network performance and analyze trends for capacity planning.

·    Troubleshoot infrastructure and application performance issues using Ethereal/Wireshark (OSI layers 4-7) and Port Query.

·    Understand commonly protocols (ie. HTTP/DNS/Telnet/SSH/FTP/TFTP) to monitor/report anomalies or suspicious activity.

·    Identify infrastructure/application bottlenecks using monitoring applications and notify responsible teams.

·    Serve as business partner to customers, understanding their needs and arrive at optimal monitoring solution.


Mar. 2003-Nov. 2004

Network Management Systems Administrator, InterNetwork Experts Dallas, TX.

·    Design, implementation, administration and support of CA’s Unicenter Enterprise management software, including integration with other vendors’ management products, including Cisco Works, Prognosis, Vivinet Manager, and more.

·    Experience with Unicenter NSM in monitoring IP Telephony environments to provide increased uptime and expedite any detected issues that might impact the clients’ environment.

·    Strong experience configuring and implementing Unicenter Management Portal (web portal) to provide a real-time presentation, notifications, and announcements of their environments.

·    Extensive experience customizing CA Service Desk, providing auto-escalation, auto-notification, auto-assignment of groups and assignees upon request generation based on multi-tiered decision algorithms.

·    Heavily customized Unicenter NSM to provide enhanced monitoring capabilities for clients, including measures to provide increased security of monitored data, and self-monitoring and self-resolving abilities into Unicenter ensuring maximum effective monitoring abilities providing our clients a more reliable monitored environment.

·    Perform network packet captures to troubleshoot network/infrastructure/application issues using Ethereal/Wireshark

·    Monitor and troubleshoot multiple external clients’ WAN circuits, assisting vendors/providers where applicable.


Jun. 2002-Nov. 2002

Technical Services Analyst II, CUNA Mutual Madison, WI.

·    Design, Implementation, Project management, and administration of CA’s Unicenter Enterprise management software, including migration from TNG v2.4 to NSM v3.0 using a fault-tolerant, multi-tier designed architecture, to improve functionality and reliability of SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

·    Experience with Unicenter TNG in a complex distributed environment, including Automation Point Option, Service Level Management, Web Management Option, and Network Management Option  to monitor, support, and report on environments.

·    Extensive experience using Unicenter TNG to monitor a plethora of components, including; Windows NT/2000, Novell 4/5, AIX, DB2, Lotus Notes, IIS, SQL, AS/400, Linux, UNIX, and more.

·    Incorporate logical algorithms (correlation) to Unicenter’s enterprise management components to provide enhanced abilities.

·    Integrate multiple third party software packages with Unicenter TNG to provide the widest range of monitoring possible.

·    Heavily customize Unicenter TNG and vendor software to provide enhanced monitoring capabilities for clients.


Jul. 1999-Jun. 2002

Lead Network Analyst, Fiserv CBS Worldwide Orlando, FL.

·    Extensive experience with implementation, administration and support of CA’s Unicenter TNG, utilizing a fault-tolerant multi-tiered architecture, including complete customization to meet clients’ needs.

·    Comprehensive experience with implementation, administration and support of CA’s Service Desk (USD, integration into Unicenter TNG/NSM providing automated generation of tickets, notifications, with-in a fault-tolerant environment.

·    Administration and support of CiscoWorks 2000 managing over 700 routers/switches, integrated w/ Unicenter TNG.

·    Installation, configuration, and support of networking components, including; Routers, Switches, Checkpoint appliances, Frame-Relay, and Voice over Frame-Relay (VoFR) and Voice over IP (VoIP).

·    Administration and support of Windows NT/2000, Netware 4/5 servers, including Citrix Metaframe and Windows Terminal Servers consisting of multiple domains and trust relationships in 500+ server environment.

·    Installation, support, and administration of multiple websites using IIS v4/v5.

·    Maintain multiple MS SQL 7/2000 databases and including backups, administration, replication, and support.

·    Experience with Tivoli/Netfinity Director, implementation, customization, administration, and integration with Unicenter TNG/NSM to provide a complete enterprise management.

·    Troubleshoot WAN circuits and work with vendors/providers to resolve issues.

·    Provide system availability reports on WAN up-time, reliability, outages, and affect to customers, if any.

·    Troubleshoot infrastructure and application issues using diagnostic tools, such as Ethereal/Wireshark, Port Query.


Jun. 1998-Jun. 1999

Support Analyst/IS Technician, Specialized Computer Services Longwood, FL.

·    Comprehensive experience with Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation, Windows 98/95, 3.x, DOS, and with Novell 2.2.

·    Configuration and installation of network cabling for small-to-medium sized LANs.

·    Integrate computerized dental radiography equipment into LAN for practice-wide usage.

·    Troubleshoot and repair LAN systems.

·    Supervision of four personnel.


Jul. 1997-May 1998

DC+T Support Analyst/IS Technician, Lockheed/BancTec/System One Orlando, FL.

·    Comprehensive experience working with Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation/95/3.x/DOS, Novell NetWare 3/4.

·    Support MS Exchange 5.0, Outlook 95-98, Office 95-97, and many more.

·    Experience with Network protocols including TCP/IP, IPX/SPX protocol and Network analysis.

·    Troubleshoot and repair Networked/PC computer systems.

·    Integrate system hardware and software to resolve/avoid conflicts.


Aug. 1995-Jun. 1997

Lead Technician/Assistant Manager, Simtek Computers Merritt Island, FL./Winter Park, FL.

·    Open and manage two remote store locations, Melbourne, FL. And Winter Park, FL.

·    Comprehensive experience working with Windows NT, 95, 3.x, DOS and their applications.

·    Perform On-site servicing for corporate clientele as well as troubleshoot.

·    Diagnose and repair Networked/PC computer Systems.

·    Supervision, management, and training of service personnel and in charge of all service work.


Nov. 1988-Nov. 1993

Unit Communications Specialist, Mobile Cellular Telecom Systems Operator/Repairer, United States Army

·    Awards: Army Achievement, 1990, 1992, 1993,   National Defense, 1989, 1990,   Good Conduct, 1991.
USAREUR (United States Army Europe) Excellence award for outstanding signal/communications department, 1990.

·    Supervision of four personnel, 1989-1992.

·    Security Clearance: Secret, 1988-1993.

·    Unit’s communications chief, 1989-1992.

·    Honorably Discharged.



Training, Veritas, NetBackup Enterprise Server, Administration, Indianapolis, IN. Oct. 2015.

Training, Splunk, SP-CAAAH9C - Splunk 6, Searching and Reporting, Indianapolis, IN. Dec. 2014.

Training, Splunk, SP-CAAAH9G - Splunk 6, Administration, Indianapolis, IN. Nov. 2014.

Training, Computer Associates, 09ITS20641 - Introscope (Wily/APM) for Java r9.0 200, Indianapolis, IN. Nov. 2012.

Training, Computer Associates, SMR125R0101 - SiteMinder r12.5 Implementation, Indianapolis, IN. Sept. 2012.

Training, Computer Associates, SMR125R0091 - SiteMinder r12.5 Administration, Indianapolis, IN. Sept. 2012.

Training, Hewlett-Packard, Server Automation Software (SA, SAS) v9.1x, Indianapolis, IN. Dec. 2011.

Training, Hewlett-Packard, Network Node Manager i-Series (NNMi) v8.1x , Indianapolis, IN. Mar. 2010.

Training, Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM/MSCOM) 2005, Indianapolis, IN. May 2007.

Certification, Computer Associates, CA-CUE - CA-Certified Unicenter Engineer, Indianapolis, IN. Sept. 2006.

Training, HOTT, Perl Programming and CGI scripting, Indianapolis, IN. Aug. 2006.

Training, Computer Associates, UN277 - Optimizing Unicenter Event Management, Plano, TX. Sept. 2004.

Training, Computer Associates, UN284 - Advanced Network Operations option, Phoenix, AZ. Feb. 2004.

Training, Madison Area Technical College, Programming with C/C++, Madison, WI. Dec. 2002.

Training, Computer Associates, Unicenter Web Management Option/MasterIT Implementation, Madison, WI. Jul. 2002.

Training, Computer Associates, UT275 - Advanced Unicenter TNG Concepts, Orlando, FL. Mar. 2002.

Certification, Computer Associates, CUE - Certified Unicenter Engineer, Orlando, FL. Nov. 2001.

Training, Computer Associates, UT250 - Supporting Unicenter TNG in the Enterprise, Orlando, FL. Aug. 2001.

Training, Computer Associates, UT245 - Working with Agent Technologies, Orlando, FL. Aug. 2001.

Training, TechTrain, CCNA boot camp - Cisco Certified Networking Associates, Orlando, FL. Feb. 2001.

Certification, Computer Associates, CUA - Certified Unicenter Administrator, Orlando, FL. Nov. 2000.

Training, Computer Associates, UT210 - Introduction to Unicenter TNG, Orlando, FL. Nov. 2000.

Certification, Microsoft Corporation, MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Orlando, FL. Sept. 2000.

Certification, Microsoft Corporation, MCP+I - Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet, Orlando, FL. Aug. 2000.

Certification, Microsoft Corporation, MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional, Orlando, FL. Aug. 2000.

Certification, CompTIA, Network+ Industry Certification Network Technology and Repair, Orlando, FL. Mar. 2000.

Certification, CompTIA, A+ Industry Certification Computer Repair and Configuration, Orlando, FL. Jan. 1996.

Training, Business Owner/Manager’s Course, Grow-Biz International, Minneapolis, MN. Nov. 1996.

Training, US Army, Mobile Cellular Telephone Operations and Repair, Ft. Stewart, GA. Feb. 1992.

Training, US Army, Communications Equipment Supervisors and Managers Course, Augsburg, Germany. Sept. 1991.

Training, US Army, AC/DC Electricity and Circuits, Ft. Sill, OK. Apr. 1989.

Diploma, Merritt Island High School, Merritt Island, FL. Jun. 1988.



Network Technologies, Protocols, and Hardware

OSI model, FDDI, Fibre, NAT, TCP/IP, DHCP, DLC, DNS, SMTP, SNMP, Telnet, FTP, TFTP, WINS, IPSec, VPN solutions, RIP/RIP2, spanning tree, switching/bridging, OSPF, BGP, IPX, ISDN, DLSW, leased line & provisioning, frame relay, Cisco Routers/Switches/Catalysts (install/admin/troubleshoot), & networking cable installation.


Network Analysis and Management Tools

Sniffers, ISS, Etherpeek, Ethereal/Wireshark, Sitescope, CiscoWorks, various SNMP Packages, network intrusion detection systems (IDS), Port Query, Fiddler.


Operating Systems and Software/Applications

Cisco IOS, Checkpoint, Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7/8/10, Windows Server NT/2000/2003/2008/2012 R2 (including IIS, SNA, SQL Server, Terminal Server, SMS, Clustering & AD), Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.x-6.x, HTML, FrontPage, NetObjects, Citrix MetaFrame, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), HP/Compaq Systems Insight Manager, Veritas Netbackup Enterprise, HP Openview/Opsware, CA Spectrum (Aprisma)/eHealth (Concord), VBS/WSH, Perl, C/C++,  Visual C++, Autoit, REXX.