From: Minchin, Raymond L
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 10:13 AM
To: Tyrer, Tim
Cc: Hull, Steve E; Palmeter, David J; Renier, Van

 Hi Tim,

My name is Ray Minchin and I run the Calibration Lab at LMIS (Lake

We support several IS sites, besides performing services for 49 non-Lockheed Martin companies around the US.  We have contractual requirements to the government and to our outside customers for performing calibration to MIL STD specifications, which requires our calibration records to be 100% correct and compliance.  All of our records, including temperature, humidity, calibration standards, history, etc. are contained within our Calibration Recall System which is PC based.

Over the past 4 years, the majority of the time, when we needed tech support in our lab, there were always residual problems afterwards. The problem may have been fixed, but we now had a different problems. The main reason for this was our Calibration Recall System uses a software called MET/TRACK made by Fluke Instruments which is not supported by this facility.

This all changed the very first time Van Renier answered a trouble call to our Lab.  We had been having a reoccurring problem and the Bantec techs spent days and could find nothing.  Finally Van and Bobbie Lu came to help.  In less that 20 minutes and they found the problem. Since then, everytime Van has answered a call in our Lab, he has done an exceptional job. Everyone here feels that Van's expertise is unsurpassed in this facility. I have spoken to my management and others in this facility and Van's name is always mentioned as providing the quickest and best quality support the first time.

I just wanted you to know what a great job Van has done in supporting our Cal Lab and this facility.

Thank you.

Ray Minchin
Work phone: (407) 306-1270