It is 4:34am and Van is still diligently working on getting AHD up and running, In the mean time I have been documenting things that have been happening throughout the night in notepad. I created a folder on the K:\ called "Tickets" and inside K:\Tickets are 2 folders one is "Open" the other "Closed" anything that isn't resolved is in K:\Tickets\Open and anything that is resolved is in K:\Tickets\Closed, make sense?

Lee Brookover
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

My notes regarding this Information:
[Email orignally sent Wed 8/8/2001 4:38 AM]
AHD [Advanced Help Desk software, now renamed to Unicenter Service Desk]
This email was never intended to be ‘formal’ as it was only to provide an update to the department on the status of a Database crash on our production server. I recently came across an archived copy and felt it displayed my work ethic, therefore should be presented as such.

NOTE: Lee and I worked together at Fiserv CBS Worldwide. However, the department was dissolved, and company has since relocated to new location. The above number is not valid, and all personnel from our department are no longer employed there.

[This above email could also be used for reference on Lee’s character and work ethics, as he is one of the few persons I’d, If I had the choice, choose to unconditionally work with in future endeavors, and is a preferred co-worker.]

Lee’s Current Contact information is as follows:

Richard Lee Brookover
Home phone: (386) 860-5771