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Subject:     Much thanks & kudos to Ray & Van & Evelyn
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FYI: Dennis Hartman came to me around 11:00 this morning asking if the NOC could complete a high priority project requested by Amicus. Using the Amicus monthly bill, could we provide a listing of the device names for the monitored items listed on the bill.  The billing simply refers to total numbers of device types - so many routers, so many circuits, etc..  Dennis asked if "the boys" could utilize CWSI and/or TNG to help compile the list. He hoped this task could be completed by Friday and asked for an ETA by the end of today.

Well, "the boys" - Ray and Van - quite literally dropped everything at my request and spent a solid 2 hours knocking themselves out to get me every single bit of information Dennis asked for.  It's not so much that they could do this - that was never in doubt. What I am so grateful for is that they immediately set aside their own important priorities to pitch in. Without a single grumble, complaint or protest they simply "got to it" and produced thorough, accurate information very, very, quickly.  Evelyn then set to compiling the data and I was able to tell Dennis the requested reports would be completed and ready to go tomorrow - ahead of schedule!

This kind of teamwork reflects, in my opinion, the high level of cooperation, camaraderie and cohesion we have achieved in the NOC. We were offered a challenge and we met it head-on and successfully. I'm proud and pleased to have the support and expertise of Ray and Van so readily and effectively at hand. I'm also pleased with Evelyn's quick understanding of the importance of this project and her competence in pulling it all together while still upholding her Analyst responsibilities.  What a team!

I thought you should know!


My notes regarding this Information:
[Email orignally sent Wed 8/8/2001 4:38 AM]
Definition: AMICUS
- Client name; CWSI - CiscoWorks 2000 System Information
The department we were in was a highly visible department and often required us to perform the ‘do now’ tasks. However, the above example can also attributed to Holly’s motivation skills and leadership, which follows the lead by example rules.

NOTE: Holly and I worked together at Fiserv CBS Worldwide. However, the department was dissolved, and company has since relocated to new location. The above number is not valid, and all personnel from our department are no longer employed there.

Holly’s support and unyielding enthusiasm for her job inspired the team more than I can describe.  Her dedication to her position and the needs of the job is 2nd to none (including myself!). There were many nights that Holly stayed up all night at home (VPN’ed into the work environment) keeping tabs ensuring the night shift team members were performing as expected while assisting with their efforts by providing uncompromising voice support to them. If I could choose my supervisor/manager, Holly would be my first and only choice!

Holly’s current contact information is as follows:

Holly Ann Hansen
Home phone: (407) 897-6201
Mobile phone: (407) 256-3085

Dennis Hartman’s current contact information:

Dennis Hartman
Vice President of Systems
Phone: (407) 513-5345
Fax: (407) 521-1051
Cell: (407) 246-0918